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Cycology Summer kit

Being original in cycling clothing can be difficult. There are many brands in different styles. And because we are al not equal, everyone is looking for something they like. A couple of months ago I reviewed the Cycology Long sleeve jersey and since it is summer It’s time to review a full Cycology summer kit. This includes a short sleeve jersey, a bib-short and arm warmers .


The jersey.

First time you look at the jersey, in person or on the website you have to say the designs are unique and different then what other cycling clothing companies are doing. I’m reviewing 2 jerseys here. That’s because I now Cycology is constantly trying to make their products better and I was curious to see how this evolved after a while.

Let’s go through the basic stuff:

  • 2 way stretch Italian thermal fabric
  • “Miti” Italian Gripper elastic on sleeves & hips
  • 3 rear pockets + one zippered valuables pocket
  • Reflective strips on rear pockets
  • Full length “YKK” zipper with Cycology logo puller.
  • Flat stitched seams to keep chafing away

The fit is very good, I have a size S and M. The Size S suits my body better but could be a bit longer. The size M feels a little wide but the length is good. The grippers on the arms are very good, I like the length of the sleeves. The gripper on the back does a good job on keeping the jersey from sliding up. Of course the jersey has 3 back pockets and a zipper pocket for your valuables/keys of money). The pockets are tight and firm. So you don’t have to be afraid loosing you stuff. The zipper is top notch. But I never had troubles with the YKK zippers.

The jerseys have different fabrics. The front is a more solid fabric, the back is a more mesh fabric. This really helps letting body heat out, through the jersey.

The designs speak for themselves, some are more bold others are more neutral. Cycology is constantly adding new designs.

The bibshort.

The bibshorts are more standard looking than the jerseys. This concept Cycology is doing, of matching bibshort and jerseys together is a good way of combining your style in any way The fit is very Italian style, with a good length inseam length. It has very comfortable pad that feels good also on long rides. The “Miti” gripper on the legs has a good grip. It has multiple panels to secure a good fit on the body and are made of 4 way ply lightweight fabric. The mat finish style logos are very stylish.

Doing rides every day in every style of weather got me a good idea of what this bibshort is capable of. It has some good sun protection to, up to a factor 50. Not something you think about but is very helpful. It’s also very good at expelling excess heat through the textured perforations. The way it’s priced you don’t expect this quality.


These are hot of the press. I just got these 2 months. Made from the so called “Roubaix” fabric and some very bold Cycology Logos in silver. Fit is good just like you would expect on armwarmers. Of course there is a gripper on the top. These are, good priced and a must have for your wardrobe.


Cycology really is a brand that almost has the full package deal for a very good price. They are constantly adding new products and designs. Also just not adding but rethinking every detail of every single product.


Review: Cycology Longsleeve jerseys

There are lots of cycling kits available today. You can wear a casual style kit, or go extreme with graphics and colours. When I came in contact with Cycology, an Australian (Sydney) based cycling kit maker, I found some very unique cycling kits. Their Style goes from stylish to extreme in designs. Having a Italian fit on their jerseys and bibshorts it almost fits everyone. The constantly ad new designs and improve their cycling kit. So this is a company to look out for when buying your next kit. Big advantage, now shipping cost worldwide.

Long sleeve jersey:

I have ridden these throughout the winter. Made of 240g/m thick Fabric that has the ability to stretch in all 4 directions gives you a very snug fit. In the winter I just whore 1 base layer under it, sometimes 2. And that was enough to keep me warm. The zippers are made by YKK, with the Cycology Logo on it. I had some very good experiences with these and they don’t disappoint.

It has 3 back pockets + a zipper pocket on top of the middle one. Reflective tubes on the front make sure you can be seen more. One of the best features is the silicone hem around the whole bottom side of the jersey. This makes sure the jersey stays in place when riding. Also the back is a little longer than the front.


I have never ridden a jersey that fits so well. Because of my length (1.96cm) sizing is always an issue for me. But I even wear a size M and feels comfortable. For me the length is good. It’s warm enough for chilli mornings/evenings. And with a good base layer good enough for below zero riding. The back pockets are tight, so you don’t have to be scared to lose your stuff.  These jersey are made with high standards with good value for money plus unique designs.

Showers Pass Skyline pants

Rain pants in cycling are a difficult subject. Where rain jackets are very normal to wear, rain pants are not. Most of the time they are made of full rain jacket fabric which lacs of breathing and comfort during riding. So in order to make a good rain pants you have to really think it over and make choices in fabric, stretch and breathability.

Showers Pass is one company who really thought the concept of rain pants over. They created the Skyline pant that has only rainproof fabric in the most needed places. The rest of the pants has softshell fabric which is breathable and provides enough stretch so it’s comfortable. It’s not a tight fit, more a loose fit around the legs. It can be worn with a bibshort under it like I do. It does not provide enough room for you normal paints to be tugged in. The pants are not fully waterproof. After a while water will pour through the soft shell fabric.

The placement/design of the waterproof fabric also asks for a bike which has Fenders. But it’s located it the right places. On the front its around your crouch and the upper legs. And on the bottom legs it’s around the sides to keep out water coming from below. The transitions between the rain fabric and the softshell fabric are fully taped on the outside, really clever.

The knee area is made of softshell fabric for excellent movement. Also the back of the pant and the sides are made of soft shell fabric. It has a side pocket on the right, but I find the zipper to delicate. Around the waist you have a lace to pull it tight, and also the opportunity to wear 4-Point Suspenders.

Riding with it

I found the pant very comfortable to ride with. It took me some time to get used to it because I’m used to ride with tights. But after a while the feel natural. You also do not only have to wear them as rain pants. The work very well in winter/freezing conditions. As stated before, they are not fully rain proof. One draw bag is that with the loose fit you feel the water poring over your legs. That’s something you don’t have with tights. All in all great pants to ride with and keep you protected, with very clever solutions to make a rain pant stylish and comfortable.

Showers Pass: Waterproof socks

There’s a saying in cycling “There is no bad weather, just bad clothing”. That’s why I’m always on a search for good rain clothing. There are lots of players in the cycling market who have your typical cycling kit. But there are just one handful of companies that have good rain protective clothing.

Showers Pass is one of them. As I’m always on the lookout for new cycling clothing and gadgets, my eyes fell on this Portland (USA) based company. The specialize in cycling clothing for commuters. I first found them when I was browsing on Bikerumor. There was a add of Showers Pass about Waterproof socks. The price was very reasonable, lower than the Sealskinz socks. So gave it a shot and bought a set.


I got them within a couple of days, since they distribute Europe from the UK. Straight out of the box the first thing I noticed is the thickness of the socks. You could get in trouble if you have very tight cycling shoes. It took me a couple of days to get used to. It’s like getting in a thick sleeve.

Now I have them for almost 3 months and whore them in rain conditions. They do what they have to do. Keep your feet dry. I even did the test by putting on the socks and stepped in a bucket of water. Result the outside is wet but the inside is dry. They also work really well in cold conditions since they are windproof as well.

Off course there are some draw bags. When you don’t where a rain pant, and rain is pouring down your feet could get wet from the water that’s running down from your legs.

This illustration helps to understand this:


Conclusion, there a great value for money and a company ith very good service. So don’t let rain stop you from riding your bike outside.

Lake Cycling MX180

Lake Cycling shoes

Lake cycling shoes was born in 1982 in Evanston Illinois. The first shoe they made was the MXZ303, a true winter shoe created for the cold climate at Lake Michigan. Lake now has a full stock of shoes for every cycling discipline from Road, Cyclocross and MTB.


The MX180 was introduced in 2015 as there Enduro style shoe. It features a higher fit, more room in the toe area, Hypergrip Sole with the Ice Lock parts already integrated in the sole. The top part is made of Microfiber and is waterproof.  It includes a BOA Push/Pull closing system on the side.


I’ve been riding these shoes for 10 weeks now. The fit feels good, the higher style adds stability to the ankle. The “pull” lace on the back is very useful to put the shoes on. The single BOA lace system works great. It has a push/pull function, which let you loosen the lace quick to take the shoes of. So far I rode in hot dry days and in wet circumstances. For the Hot/warm days other shoes would better. But since I only have this pair to try this is what I wore, and they are not bad. The ventilation is good. I rain/wet conditions the shoe does what it’s made for. Keep your feet dry, just as good as a waterproof shoe cover. Of course your socks get wet after riding in the rain a long time. But that’s because of the rain pouring down via the sock itself. I will be testing waterproof socks this winter to in combination with these shoes to see how this combo will keep my feet dry.

The sole is though/stiff but not so stiff you could barely walk with them (like carbon soles). I had an  experience last week that, due to a flat tyre, I had to walk 45minutes to a local bike shop for an inner tube. And the shoes where good to walk the distance.

This autumn and winter I will be using these shoes and will come back with another review how the hold up in the wet/cold circumstances the Netherlands is famous for.

Owayo Overshoes

The Owayo overshoes are not your typical overshoes that are water/windproof. These overshoes are for aero and wind blocking. Also to have a more professional look, and they look nice when used in conjunction with your other customized kit from Owayo.

I liked using them, especially in the early mornings when the temperatures not so high. I used the high version with the zippers on the back (made by YKK). Fabric is of breathing Ultra dry technology. For the summer variant they use the TI-Tex Fabric (Similar to the fabric used in the summer jerseys). For the winter variant they use the XW-Tex Fabric (Similar to the fabric used in the winter jerseys).

So to top of your kit, these can be a great addition. And again fully customizable through the Owayo configurator.

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Owayo Windvest/Windjacket

When there is one basic peace of cycling clothing everyone should have in its closet it’s a Windvest or Windjacket. These are most of the time lightweight and foldable. This is also the case with the Owayo Windvest/Windjacket. But then available in nice designs and custom text.


The fit is nice but a little too wide on both models for me. But then again I’m thin and 1.96cm long. So most of the clothing I buy is to short or to wide.  It’s made of windproof/waterproof fabric. From experience I can say, windproof (Yes), waterproof (No). But I have not ridden any Windvest/jacket that is waterproof. I think for a short rain you will stay dry. The fabric is very lightweight. The collar is very soft with now sharp seams or zippers pocking your neck. Again the vest/jacket uses the nice YKK zippers. A plus point is the little key/smartphone pocket on the right side. Very effective. I have ridden the closed version but it’s an option to get the Windvest with an open back. Another thing I had trouble with is that it slips up my back when ridding. But maybe that’s because of my long back.

Check the Owayo website for all the options on these nice clothes.

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Owayo summer jerseys

Of all the seasons, Spring is my favourite one. Riding my bike and see nature waking up from its Winter sleep is so special. Of course this season asks for flexible clothing. Moring rides can be cold and late afternoon rides warm. Owayo supplied me with 2 great jerseys for this. Jerseys with a thin fabric, long sleeve or short sleeve. They have a very nice fit, not to tight but not too loose. As you can see in the picture Owayo is capable of doing very nice layout’s with various logo’s and text’s. It has the standard 3 pockets on the back. But unfortunately not the key/zipper pocket the winter jersey does have.

The Owayo pro cut jersey is provided with these handy terms,

  • The fabric is made of premium quality
  • The seams are specific designed for them on a special machine called the: ‘4 thread-overlock’ machine.
  • The zippers are of the best from YKK.
  • There is a silicone hem on the back which keeps the jersey in place.

It’s fully adjustable to your liking through the 3D configurator.

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Owayo wintertights

This weeks review is about the Owayo wintertights.  Of course it’s better to wear a short bibtight with legwarmers right now. But that’s now reason not to review them. They feel really good and warm. With nice soft fleece on the inside. And good padding.

The wintertights are made with one goal only, to create a very comfortable fit wear you don’t feel any seams. It consists of 3 types of seams,  Overlock, Flatlock and Zigzag. The fabric is very flexible and comfortable and are of premium quality. The pad is made of good quality and feels good. There are silicone hems on both sides of the legs.

In short a great value for money wintertight. And of course can be made in every colour and text print you like.

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