Last week I had a nice holiday last week in the Netherlands. We had the most beautiful weather. I did two 2 MTB rides in the woods. So much fun after not been able to ride MTB because of my collarbone injury.

But then the new week started and I had to go to work again. So this means commuting and start this long term test again with much pleasure. The riding conditions where nice. Only rain this morning, the other where dry. Yesterday I had a day of and I rode with my youngest son in the kidcar ±40km. Also did one ride from work to home through the dunes.

The chain.

The Miche chain was still used. No extra lube was added and today I just quickly rubbed it with a clean cloth. The Pedro’s syn lube did it’s work in the rain and stayed on. The chain measured (again at multiple points) ±132.74mm. Good numbers. Next week the Shimano chain is on turn.


The cassette and chainring.

These again are doing great. No extraordinary wear on them. Just rubbed them quickly with a cloth to.


Keep checking my Blog for more reviews on Bikeribbon grips and Togs.

Closing again with some random pictures:

Until next week.

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