This week I did less kilometres on the Commuter bike, why you will see in a moment. The reason for this was that for a long time I wanted a different paintjob on the bike. And after a successful paintjob on my MTB I decided that it was time the Commuter bike would deserve a new paintjob as well.

And here is the result, painted in 2K RAL 7026. It’s not finished jet. Some parts will be polished and my fenders will be on the bike soon. What do you think of it?

Back to the test again, I did 100km this week. The rest was on my MTB. I noticed a unpleasant tick in the chain (KMC) and I think it’s the Powerlink, so this one will be replaced next time the KMC chain is on. Lubed the chain just once.

The weather was lovely, dry and sunny. On Monday and Friday with the Commuter bike.

The measurements:

The KMC chain measured 133.1mm this week. Next week I will be riding the Miche chain again. The kilometres so far are:

  • Cassette and Chainring = 6150km
  • KMC chain = 2300km
  • Miche chain = 1850km
  • Shimano chain = 1950km

See you again next time

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