It’s been since a while since I Blogged about this subject. That had its reasons. The Commuter bike needed some changes. My Mavic Crossmax wheelset broke down on me and I didn’t like the colour of the bike anymore. And since I was already started making parts for the big cosmetic change I started re-painting the bike. I also wanted to ride with 700c wheels. I have bought some nice Tubular cyclocross tyres (33mm wide) which fit the frame. But unfortunately I haven’t found a wheelset or rims to my liking and wallet jet. So I made a clincher set with DT-Hugi 240 hubs and some old Wobler rims and used 23mm road bike tyres for now. All these reasons caused that I started riding the Commuter bike to work again 2 weeks ago. Still work in progress, because I have lots of plan for this bike. Currently I’m making a customized front fork with the Magura clamps attached to it, and I’m also making a handlebar/stem combo again with integrated lights. So stay tuned for more on this bike, it’s going to be great I promise.


The weather.

The weather was bad on the bike and me also. I’m having a knee injury for 3 weeks know, which is getting better everyday. Last week we had temperatures above zero. Due to the melting ice and a little snow, the roads where wet in the beginning combined with the salt from the weeks prior to this. I had to keep good care of the bike and the chain also. Tried to rub the access dirt of the chain every day, and check if the chain needed lubrication again. This week it was cold again with temperatures around zero, cold winds and rain. Not very pleasing but I think it’s still better to ride my bike every day then going with the car.


The chain.

Because of the weather the Shimano chain had a hard time. But it’s still not more weared out as the Miche chain. But that one was ridden through 2 weeks of rain almost every day. The chain rode very well though. I had to re-lube it a couple of times.

The Measurements:

Looking at the picture you can see the Shimano chain is closing in on the Miche. The averaged measurement was 133.5mm for the Shimano. Next up is, you guess?? Yep the KMC because it is the shortest know.

Top (KMC), Middle (Miche), Bottom(Shimano)

So here’s a the recap:

Shimano = 3750km (Measures, ±133.5mm)

KMC = 3250km (Measures, ±133,1mm)

Miche = 2850km (Measures, ±133,5mm)

Cassette & Chainring = 10000km

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