Because I had a couple of days off last week and also this week, I decided to combine these two weeks together to get around the 250km mark. Where last week was cold and sometimes combined with rain and hail. This week was the opposite, with sun and “normal” temperatures.  Did some nice rides through the dunes to enjoy the nature there.

The Miche chain was used for this cycle. And it’s my favourite chain of the 3 chains. I don’t know why but it shifts great and looks classic.  As for wear it holds up very well with KMC and Shimano. They are all within the same region.

Chain Measurements

After some cleaning and lubing again,  making use of the Pedro’s cleaner and lube, I measured the Miche chain add ±132.7mm.


Cassette & Chainring

Both holding up pretty well. Chainring looks really good after ±3650km. I have had other Aluminium narrow wide chainrings which look a lot worse. The cassette is doing well but the wear is noticeable.

As always I close with some pictures

I’m also happy to announce that I have Bikeribbon and Togs as sponsors. These products will be review here in the upcoming weeks. Abloc cycling bottles are also review here. Take a look at these very nice and unique bottles. Next week I will be on holiday so now Blog then. See you in two weeks again.

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