I have been riding this whole week again. The weather has been great with the exception of today (Friday) when we had rain here. Riding in these conditions makes a person happy. I love the Spring time. Cleaned the Chain/Cassette/Chainring yesterday using the Pedro’s products. Lubed it and we’re off to go for a week.

The Chain.

After almost 4 months now I get a clear view of the wear out of the chain. What I notice is this:

  • In the ideal world a chain measures the same at every link. But in reality that’s not true. I measure differences in the chains between 0.1mm to 0.3mm. That’s why I measure the chain at ±5 spots. And I take the average of that outcome.
  • I don’t see much difference in the chain brands. I like the KMC and Miche most. The Shimano one does not work well with quick links. But one chain does not wear out more than the other. I believe that’s a good thing. I also don’t think a higher end chain will be better. Most of the time they are lighter but not better in quality. But I may be wrong here.


The Chainring.

The part where I see the least wear out is the chainring. It’s holding up pretty well. My chain didn’t drop once. I did change the position of it from the middle spot on the crank to the other ring because of better alignment. I ride the bottom 4 cogs most of the time so this is better.


The Cassette.

This is the part which disappoints me the most. Someone on a Forum asked me why I chose Dura-ace and not a cheaper on. Well because I thought Dura-ace was better. Well no that’s not true I can say. It holds up but you can see it wear out. So in the future no Dura-ace cassette for me.


The measurements:

The KMC chain was at between 132.6mm and 132.7mm.


Next week I will hope to write a Blog on the thoughts behind using the 3 chain method.

Closing with some pictures as always.

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