It’s was truly HOT this week, with temperatures around 30°C. Today was the first day that I had to ride with long sleeves. And you know autumn is come knocking at the door, because I needed to ride with my lights on this morning. I just love changing seasons. Every season has it’s positive and negative sides. But seeing the trees leaves changing colours and create these beautiful colour pallets is one of my favourite thing when authumn arrives.

Last week I didn’t had the time to Blog about the Commuter test because I was busy at work. Since the last Blog I wrote that I was changing my way of visualizing the chain wear-out, I updated the measuring/visualisation strip so I can put all 3 chains on at once. I can now see which chain is the shortest.

And here is the strip with the 3 chains on it.

  1. Top = Shimano
  2. Middle = Miche
  3. Bottom = KMC


As you can see the Shimano chain is the shortest. The Miche and KMC chain are almost equal.

Last week I was riding with the Shimano chain, this week with the KMC. And I noticed something strange when riding with the KMC chain what I also noticed with the Shimano chain. For every chain I use a Quick-link to switch chains fast. I always use the Quick link supplied with the chain. Except for the Shimano chain where I used a BBB Quick-link because Shimano supplies a break-pin instead of a Quick-link.

The problem I encountered was that I feel a click every now and then while pedalling. And it’s kind of annoying. So today I looked and see if I could solve the problem. I immediately looked at the Quick-link because this is the weak point of the chain. After measuring the KMC chain which was around 133.1mm, I measured around the Quick-link. And there was the problem, I measured 134.1mm there. So this bigger link distance is causing the click/scrapping feel I noticed when pedalling. I removed this quick link and placed a new one and the problem was solved. So lesson learned, always check your quick-links from time to time.

Here’s a picture of the worn Quick-link, you can clearly see the groves in the pin.


Back to the test, I will be riding the Shimano chain again. Just because it’s the shortest now. This will be the way I will be doing the test for the next period of time. Picking the shortest chain after every 500km.

I got a request if I could give some sort of results. So I made this Graphic with all the measurements I collected the last 9 months.


Until next time.

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