We had a cold week, with some rain yesterday. So today it was time for cleaning and measuring the KMC chain again. It has another 250km on it so I was curious how it would work after the other chains. I work as expected. Now problems in shifting or riding.

Cleaned it again with the Pedro’s products. And all looks well. The Wolftooth Components Chainring looks really good. Almost most as new. The quality of the coating is very good.

In a few days I will post a video of my take on cleaning a chain using the Pedro’s products.

Now for the measuring as I expected the KMC chain has worn out more than normal (0.05mm). That’s because the last chains (Miche and Shimano) where higher in tolerance so the cassette was more worn out. This causes the KMC chain to wear out to that point also. I measured it at 132.5mm on 3 spots. Which is not bad.

Here are some nice pictures of the scenery where I live.


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