How can you make something better that is being used so long. Where talking about a bottles that is been used by cyclists for ages. They come in different sizes, colours and different logo’s. But that’s about it. Being a cyclist for a long time there are 3 things I took for granted with bottles. Getting them out of my bottle cage, in my bottle cage and the leakage from the valve.

On Instagram I came along a compony called  Abloc. A good and clear website makes me curious about what their product makes so special/different. After some reading it seemed clear to me that they found a way to solve all of the 3 this I stated as normal for a bottle.


The Shape

One of the things that makes these bottles so different is the shape. When I first got them they looked small to me but the can be filled up with 550ml of nutrition. The bottles have a tapperd bottom and top. This makes it easier to slide in and out of the bottle cage. And I must say, it works. They are also really comfortable to stick in your back pocket, and easy to with the tapper on the bottom.

The Valve

Another thing what makes these bottles special and different is the big valve. I took some time for me to get used to because I was used to the smaller/standard valves of other bottles. But after a while it drinks better. It’s not made out of silicon but harder plastic and is leak free.


The use of better plastics and no Silicon valve the bottles can be cleaned way easier and will keep hygienic for longer.


After riding with these bottles for a while I must say I’m really impressed. I have never thought a product like the ‘bidon’ aka Bottle could be redesigned in this way. But Abloc made it happen. They are really nice people from the USA who are passionate about cycling.


The bottles come in different colours and are light weight (65grams).