Its been fun this year. Almost at the 10000km mark. And that only from riding to and from work.  I’m closing my commuter season for this year. Currently  I’m having time of. A well deserved 2 weeks rest from work. Having fun around my home, spending time with my wife, playing with my kids and mountainbiking just to have fun.

The last 2 weeks where a little demanding on the chain. The roads here where very dirty. We had some rain but also fog which both caused wet roads. I change the quick-link again gor a fresh one since I had that annoying thick again. Once replaced that was gone.

The Measurements.

The KMC chain still works well, you see some rusty sides but I didn’t firmelly cleaned it.

The chain ring works really well. There is also some wear but for a aluminium chain ring it will last several kilometres. Same for the cassette. Still going strong.

Top (Miche), middle(Shimano), bottom (KMC)

So here’s a the recap:

Shimano = 3250km (Measures, ±133.1mm)

KMC = 3250km (Measures, 133,1mm)

Miche = 2850km (Measures, 133,5mm)

Cassette & Chainring = 9500km

I think I will get to 15000km with this set. That will be around the summer season. So for now I want to thank everybody  who has taken the time to read my stories and wishing you all a very blessed new year.

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