Remember back in the day we all used bar-ends on out mountainbikes. Some use short ones, some big horned ones. But everyone used them. These were also the days of shorter handlebars. The big reason for using them was a different position for your hands on the handlebar.

Now days the handlebars are wider (due to better handling for the bigger wheels). And the bar ends lost their place on the bar. Some still use them, but it’s getting less. For years I have been using them to, and the different position on the handlebar was relaxing for my hands, especially when ridding long distances or long climbs.



Then I came buy these new additions for the handlebar called Togs. A small and effective add on for your handlebar. They weigh ±18 grams, which lighter than the lightest set of bar-ends.


And you can get them in lovely colours, but there is also a hinged carbon version, so you don’t need to take your grips of. Made in the USA and used by lots of people there. But I have not seen them here in Europe. Installing them is very easy, if you buy the hinged version. Just snap them on and lock them with the bolt (do not over torque). The none hinged version takes a little more time because you need to remove your grips.


So what’s the advantage of using the Togs. Well if you look at your hands the natural position of your thumbs is next to you forefinger. But we hold the handlebar with the thumb arced under the bar. I have been using them for a couple of weeks now and I must say the “new” position on the bar is pretty natural and relaxing. When I did not had them yet I used this position to on long flat roads or climbs. But I could not control the bike like I can now with using Togs. I even rode entire singletracks in this position and have full control of my bike and brakes.


There relatively cheap, small, easy to install and you get used to them very soon. Good for using on the flat roads and beach MTB races here in the Netherlands. In short a great add-on for your MTB’s handlebars. I will give them 5 stars.