After I have ridden the 12hour MTB marathon, I haven’t rode my MTB. You can read my full Blog about this adventure here. As stated there I rode 230km, and all that was done using chain 2. The conditions weren’t that bad. There was dirt and mud but not as much as I expected. I did re-lubed my chain during the marathon, but that was after 200km. So here you can see how “dirty” the bike was after the marathon.


The measurements:

When I did found time today to put the chain on the “strip” I was amazed about the chain wear-out of chain 2. I thought it would be worse, but it was not. So here’s a picture of the 3 chains on the “strip”, and as a comparison the last picture of the 3 chains.


Part 4: Chain 1 (top), Chain 2 (middle), Chain 3 (bottom)
Part 3 as a comparison

The chain measured ±132.5 so here’s the recap:

Chain 1 = ±150km (±132.5mm)

Chain 2 = ±380km (±132.5mm)

Chain 3 = ±250km (±132.6mm)

In the coming months I have planned some nice MTB rides, so keep on reading my Blog.


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