Hot and humid, that’s what it was like these last few days. But it was dry, with the exception of Monday morning when I had to ride in full rain clothing. In the mornings it was very nice to ride. Did some rides through the dunes in early mornings. It’s nice to be able to ride there at sunrise.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning Rain Dry Dry Dry Dry
Afternoon Dry Dry Dry Dry Dry

After a couple of conversations I had on a forum topic about this test and the one I’m doing on the MTB, I will be rethinking the way I measure/document the results of the chain-wear and also the cassette and chainring. The debate is about if the data I’m collecting really means something on that it’s just nonsense.

The measurements:

Because I have to rethink this here’s the way I normally measure the chain, using a digital calliper. I measured the Miche chain at around ±133 mm again. So no measurable wear this week.

That’s a for now.

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