It’s been a while since my last update on the MTB wear-out project. So far I have only ridden in dry circumstances. But since autumn has really started these last 3 weeks, the tracks I rode also changed. The went from dry (lots of loose sand) to wet and muddy. I have had the change to ride some nice new trails I have never ridden before.


I’m now packing up for my big challenge this year, riding a 12hour MTB marathon nearby Apeldoorn. So I cleaned all three chains and hooked them up on the “strip”. You can clearly see a difference in length. Chain 3 was used the longest (approx. 250km) and you can defiantly see that back in the global measuring.


Chain 1 (Top), Chain 2 (Middle), Chain 3 (Bottom)

Chain 1 = ±150km (±132.5mm)

Chain 2 = ±150km (±132.4mm)

Chain 3 = ±250km (±132.6mm)


I’ve got me some nice sealed bags, which I numbered, to store the chains in.



I will start the MTB marathon with Chain 2 and maybe will be switching during the race to Chain 1 but this will depend on the circumstances.

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This was last years edition, let’s hope for a little less mud ☺