This weeks review is about the Owayo bibshorts and legwarmers. My favourite peace of them so far. Of course it’s better to wear a winter tight right now. But I like the fit and feel of these products. And also the dark blue leg warmers look really cool.


The bibshorts are made with one goal only, to create a very comfortable fit wear you don’t feel and seams. The bibshort consists of 3 types of seams,  Overlock, Flatlock and Zigzag. The fabric is very flexible and comfortable and are of premium quality. The pad is made of good quality and feel good. There are silicone hems on both sides of the short.

In short a great value for money bibshort. And of course can be made in every colour and text print you like.


Legwarmers are very simple but serve a great task. The have to keep your legs warm and can be undone in a quick way on the road with now hassle.

The Owayo legwarmers are provided with these handy terms, the fabric is made of premium quality and the seams are specific designed for them on a special machine called the ‘4 thread-overlock’ machine. The zippers are of the best from YKK.

Overall these legwarmers have a nice fit. And for me it’s most important, the don’t slide of. On top of the is a silicone hem which keeps them in place.

Next week the Winterjersey is on review.