Instead of Blogging each week on this topic I decided that I will do it every 2 weeks. Just so I have more to write about and make it more interesting to read.

The last 2 weeks where good. Very nice weather with good temperatures. But a little cold in the mornings sometimes. The only rain I had was yesterday, I was soaking wet. I also never had so many punctures as these last days, 4 time a flat tyre, on time I had to walk 45min for the next local bike shop. I think this was because I was still riding my Schwalbe Furious Fred tyres. They were becoming thin. I replaced them for a stronger tyre for the season (Schwalbe Hurricane).

The measurements

The Shimano chain was used, and did very well. It measured 133mm and still is the shortest chain of the 3 (As you can see in the picture below).

Left = Shimano, Middle = Miche, Right = KMC

The cassette is doing well as also the chainring. I also check the Quick-link which was fine also.

The Shimano chain will be used for the coming 2 weeks.

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