This week I had the best weather for commuting to work. It was dry all week with very nice temperatures. And what is better than to ride to work on your bike in these circumstances.

New tool:

Last week I mentioned I will be rethinking how I document and show the results of the chain wear-out. After thinking and talking about it with my LBS, I came up with a simple way. Nothing scientific but it’s more visual and gives a look on the whole chain length.

So this is what I did/made. And because a picture says more than words, here’s what it looks like.

This is what I will do. I will lay the chains on the “measure strip” after every 500km. And mark the centre of the chain (where the spring is). The Miche chain will be marked GREEN, the KMC RED and the Shimano BLUE. Of course this is not really exact but after 500km of riding with the chains you could easily see ±1mm difference.

In this example I laid the Miche and KMC chain on the strip and marked them. The both measured 133.1mm and this is exactly the same (I miss drew the red line ☺).


Next week I will drill extra holes so I can line up the 3 chain next to each other so it’s even more visual. I will use the “strip” for my MTB test too.

Of course I will be giving my normal measurements just for comparison.

The measurements:

The Miche chain reached its 500km mark, it measured ±133.1mm.

Thanks for reading again and I see you next time.

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