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Boca bearings

Boca bearings is a company from the USA, that specializes in delivering bearings (half ceramic or full ceramic) for the smaller industries. Think of RC cars, fishing rails, motor sport, skateboarding and Bicycles.

I got my hands on a set off bearings for my Mavic Crossmax wheels. First out of the package the bearings feel smooth and you can really feel the difference between a new Stainless Steel bearing and these Yellow ceramic bearings.


Boca Bearings asked me if I could do an instruction video for them. Just to show how easy you could change bearings.

I replaced the bearings in less than an hour with simple tools. So here’s the video.

I’m riding these bearings for 3 months now. And they do what they must do. Again the feel smooth and I have no issues with them. So we will see how these will hold during the winter.



Part 27: KMC chain 2300km, cassette/chainring 6150km.

This week I did less kilometres on the Commuter bike, why you will see in a moment. The reason for this was that for a long time I wanted a different paintjob on the bike. And after a successful paintjob on my MTB I decided that it was time the Commuter bike would deserve a new paintjob as well.

And here is the result, painted in 2K RAL 7026. It’s not finished jet. Some parts will be polished and my fenders will be on the bike soon. What do you think of it?

Back to the test again, I did 100km this week. The rest was on my MTB. I noticed a unpleasant tick in the chain (KMC) and I think it’s the Powerlink, so this one will be replaced next time the KMC chain is on. Lubed the chain just once.

The weather was lovely, dry and sunny. On Monday and Friday with the Commuter bike.

The measurements:

The KMC chain measured 133.1mm this week. Next week I will be riding the Miche chain again. The kilometres so far are:

  • Cassette and Chainring = 6150km
  • KMC chain = 2300km
  • Miche chain = 1850km
  • Shimano chain = 1950km

See you again next time

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Tweaked Magura HS33 set

I grew up using Magura’s HS33 raceline. They where raced by my MTB hero’s Bart Brentjens and John Tomac. They looked cool and ad that time where the strongest brakes you could get. Now 17 years later I still use them, there timeless. Oke you now have disc-brakes, and I can see the advantages of using them. But I don’t have the money right know to switch to disc brakes.

One of the negative sides of using Magura’s HS33 is the weight penalty. And since I’m a weight wheenie and I design for a living, I gave myself the challenge to make the lightest Magura HS33 brakes.

Most Magura rim brake sets weigh around 750/800 grams. Which is a lot. I came to the conclusion that there were lots of places where weight can be dropped. So lets get started.

The Clamps.

On way of losing lots of weight was at the clamping area. The clamps are designed to be bolted on the V-Brake studs of MTB frames. There are 2 disadvantages,

  1. The cylinders are mounted pretty far from the frame. You lose the direct braking power.
  2. These studs weight around 8/9 grams each. So when these can be left out you save 36 grams.

An advantage of doing leaving the V-Brake studs is that I can mill all the extra material of the clamps you don’t need. And per clamp this is some serious weight loss. The standard clamps weigh 44 grams and you need 1 set for every cylinder. So that’s 176 grams. I milled it down to 22 grams per set.

I bolt the clamps down with a M8 bolt directly on the frame. It’s now tighter and I can feel I can brake a little more direct now. Especially on the rear. I polished the clamps and spray painted the cilinders in my frames colour.

Quick release

I made a though decision to leave out the Quick release. These weigh a lot (30 grams) and I really do not use it since I mostly never have a flat tyre. And If I have a flat tyre, the Latex or a plug will solve the problem. And of course the wheel can be taken out very easy if I have to. Just a little more work than normal but I take that for granted.


Most boosters from magura are made of steel (weight 50 grams). So again here’s a nice weight improvement to be made. I made some carbon fiber ones weighing 10 grams each. And they are as strong as the steel ones.


Brake levers

Here is where I really went crazy/out of the box. I love clean looking handlebars. Now days with all the accessories you can put on your bars, it can look like spaghetti. Brake levers, shifters, dropper seat post lever and lock-out for your fork or rear-shok. Since I have a very simple setup (1x9speed) I only ride with one shifter and my lockout is on my Headshok itself.

So to reduce the weight of my levers, and make them look clean and cool (at least that what I think) I made the choice to remove the clamp which goes around the bars. I made the handle shorter and shaped it to my liking. The piston tensioning plate was made out of metal. So I made one of carbon. I don’t like the big red knob on top of the lever so I left it off and milled the nut down. Lastly I polished the cylinder and piston pushers. The lever was spray paint in the same colour as my bike. Originally the levers weigh around 95 grams, mine now weigh 65grams.

Then came the fun part, I glued them on my handlebar, using very strong epoxy 2 components glue. And to reinforce the brake levers I drilled a hole through the handlebar and bolted them straight on it. Solid as a rock. Then refinished the bolts and used epoxy to flatten the surface. And last but not least a fresh coat of paint + clear coat.

And here is the end result. What do you think?

Here’s a list of the weight differences before and after.

Magura HS33 Normal Tweaked Amount
Brake levers 95,2 65 2
Brake Cylinders 43,5 43,5 4
Clamp Front 44 21 2
Clamp rear 44 22 2
Booster 50 10 2
Brakepad 10 10 4
Ring kunststof 1,5 1,5 4
Bolts Normal 20 1
Bolts Tweaked 30 1
Short connection hose 12 12 2
Front hose 15 15 1
Rear hose 25 25 1
Quick release 30 2
830,4 558

So that’s ±272 grams saved on just the brake set. So my Cannondale MTB is know at 9kg exactly.

My Mountainbike: Cannondale F600 (±9kg)

CURRENT weight is dropped to 9kg

It was one of those days, I looked at my favorite mountainbike (Cannondale F600), and dreamed about a new color for the frame. I always loved Metallic paint on cars so that was my main goal. An other item that was on my wish list was a Handlebar/Stem combo.

Because you can’t get a handlebar/stem combo for Cannondale Headshok I needed to make one myself. I milled a stem I had laying around to the dimensions I wanted (31,8mm diameter and 100mm length) and had a nice light handlebar laying around (700mm width). Brought that to a local aluminium welder and pict it up one day later. After some putty and sanding the end result was very good looking (as I may say so).

Than it was time for some spary painting and polishing. I wanted the frame, headshok fork, handlebar/stem combo and seatpost in the same color. The bicycle brand Speedvagen was a huge inspiration for this project to. As I already got an limited edition XTR polished rear derailleur, I also polished my crankset, magura brakes and some other parts.


Took my time on this one as I screwed up lots of other spray paint projects. But this paintjob came out really good. The stickers I made en designed myself. I’m privileged to have a professional sticker printer and cutter at my work so these are of pro quality.

And finaly here is the end result which I´m really proud of:


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