This last week was typically Dutch weather. Rain, wind and now sunny again. So quite different circumstances, which is good for the test. The Shimano chain was used again this week. I quoted this before but this is my least favourite chain. Why? Because of the Quick link I use, and of course I use the right one. I just feel it go over the cassette and chainring when pedalling. And I like a chain to be smooth. Look at this picture and note the gap on the chain rolls.


I think that’s where it goes wrong. Now to find a solution for the problem.

With that having said, back to the long term test. I did a full clean-up of the drivetrain in Pedro’s style. I even used the Pedro’s bye grease for cleaning my entire bike to. I really like this cleaner. It’s not chemical and it does the job pretty well.

The measurements:

I measured the chain between 132.65mm and 132.75mm. We can take a little conclusion after ±4000km know is that the wear-out of the chains (KMC, Miche and Shimano) stays equal.

As usual closing with some random pictures it took along the way.

Stay tuned and till next time.


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