It’s been a while since I wrote a Blog about this subject. But I have done some great rides on some beautiful places here in the Netherlands.

The first ride was cold, with temperatures of -2°C and trails that where frozen. Beautiful sceneries and super nice single-tracks combined with some wide gravel roads through old Dutch city’s. Did ±30km that day.


The second ride, on a different trail, was a week later. Temperatures where higher around 7°C. These single-tracks where very nice, sometimes it was like riding a rollercoaster. But lots of fun. Wet and muddy on some places. Also did ±30km that day.


The third and fourth ride where both on my home track in the dunes. Great to be back here, it’s been a while since I last rode there. The track was dry and the sand was hard packed not loose like in the summer. It’s great to ride this trail this time of the year because you can ride so much faster. On the third ride I did ±40km and on the fourth ride ±30km.


These rides where all done on Chain 3, + another 50km because I took my mountainbike to work. That makes a total of 180km for Chain 3.

This week I used my MTB to commute to work because my commuter bike had some troubles. But I tried to ride some offroad trails through the dunes when coming from work. Had some rain and dirty roads but nothing big. So that’s another 150km for Chain 1.


Here’s the recap after these rides:

Chain 1 = ±300km (±132.6mm)

Chain 2 = ±380km (±132.6mm)

Chain 3 = ±430km (±132.6mm)

Top (Chain 1), Middle (Chain 2), Bottom (Chain 3)

And while you are here, you can read the reviews I did for Dynaplug and Showers Pass:


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