What is the first thing that comes to mind when you combine the Netherlands and Autumn? Besides windmills, and cheese ☺. Yes, RAIN…. Well that’s been the case the last 2 weeks. Almost every day I encountered rain. The roads where very dirty with a combination of falling leaves, dirt and rain. I could clean my bike every day, which I didn’t do, and did however lubed my chain a couple of times more than normal. But I never heard my chain running dry.

The measurements:

This was striking for me. Since I started the test I have never ridden through rain for 2 weeks straight. So I was very curious how this would turn out for the chain, and also the cassette and chainring. What I have noticed that after ±500km (weeks of riding for me) the chain “stretch” was around 0.1mm measured between 5 links.

When I was done cleaning the chain and put it on the “strip” next to the Shimano and KMC I noticed a big difference.

KMC (Top), Shimano (Middle), Miche (Bottom)

And after measuring it with a digital calliper the outcome was ±133.5mm. So riding through these kind of conditions really took there toll on the chain but also on the cassette and chainring.

For the next two weeks I will ride the Shimano chain and I’m very curious, if the conditions/weather stays the same, how this one will hold up. One thing I will do is look closely if the chain is not in need of lube.

So here’s a the recap:

  • Shimano = 3000km (Measures, 133.1mm)
  • KMC = 2850km (Measures, 133,1mm)
  • Miche = 2850km (Measures, 133,5mm)
  • Cassette & Chainring = 8850km

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