Last week I switch chains from KMC to Miche, I measured the Miche chain before I mounted it on the bike. I measured from 132.35mm to 132.5mm so the Miche has a little larger tolerance than the KMC chain.

I always measure between 5 complete chainlinks. So this means that there can be a differance between KMC and Miche of 0.03mm to 0.05 in chainlink size. Not that much but it’s there.

The Miche chain looks nice, a little old school if I can say that about a chain. Shifting is good. After 250km i measured a 0.05 extension overall.Miche 250km

We had cold weather this week on monday and tuesday and higher tempratures kicked in on wednesday. So we had pretty different weather this week. I cleaned the chain with Pedro’s Bio Degreaser togheter with the Pedro’s Chain pig. And lubed it with Pedro’s Syn Lube. They are great products to clean and lube. The lube also stay’s on after a rainy ride.

Wolftooth components Elliptical Chainring also shows no wear. Just the anodized black base is of on some of the tooth. The Elliptical rides really smooth stil and didn’t drop my chain even once.Chainring 750km

On the Dura-ace cassette some wear is visible, but not that big. But these are the cogs I ride the most.cassette 750km

Till next week >

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