Extreme, that’s what’s the weather was like these last past days. Rain, hail, lighting strikes etc. Monday started as a day with rain, Tuesday was oke but with rain in the afternoon. There was a complete rain shower with lightning on early Thursday morning. And last night hail was pouring down in middle Holland, causing cars and rooftops being damaged.

I made a chart of how it was like for me when commuting.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning Rain Dry Dry X Dry
Afternoon Rain Rain Dry X Dry


Doing the cleaning today the chain wasn’t that bad. I only re-lubed on Tuesday night. The Miche chain is in good shape. I really like the chain.

The measurements:

Since the Miche chain has less kilometres than the KMC chain the measurements are a little better. I measured it at ±132.8mm. Which is pretty good after a week with rain and dirty roads.

Closing again with some pictures:

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