I have done many kilometres on the bike last 2 weeks. I did it on my commuter bike and on my MTB. I had to do a repair on my commuters handlebar, so that was a good opportunity to test my THM clavicular crank (which I repaired, and I will be writing a Blog about soon).

Last week I did a very nice ride of 70km. I was in Utrecht for work and got the chance to do a ride home from there. The weather was great, and it was really nice to see different surroundings and places along the way. This also was a good training for me because I will be participating the Cycle for hope MTB Marathon on 12 November. I will be riding 12hours straight for this good cause.


The weather in general was very good these last 2 weeks. No rain, or at least not when I was riding. With a wind coming from the Northeast I encountered headwinds every day. But that’s good training after a day’s work.

The test:

I rode the full 2 weeks with the Shimano chain, because it was dry I only needed to do a quick clean. So here’s a picture with the 3 chain on the “strip”. And of course a shot from the chainring and cassette.

Left = Shimano, middle = KMC, right = Miche

You can clearly see they are almost equal. And the Shimano chain measured ±133.1mm.

So here’s a quick recap:

  • Shimano = 3000km (Measures, 133.1mm)
  • KMC = 2450km (Measures, 133,1mm)
  • Miche = 2350km (Measures, 133,1mm)

I chose the KMC chain for the upcoming 2 weeks. Since I will be going on holiday tomorrow I will start commuting again on Monday the 24th.

Happy autumn to you all.

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