Boca bearings is a company from the USA, that specializes in delivering bearings (half ceramic or full ceramic) for the smaller industries. Think of RC cars, fishing rails, motor sport, skateboarding and Bicycles.

I got my hands on a set off bearings for my Mavic Crossmax wheels. First out of the package the bearings feel smooth and you can really feel the difference between a new Stainless Steel bearing and these Yellow ceramic bearings.


Boca Bearings asked me if I could do an instruction video for them. Just to show how easy you could change bearings.

I replaced the bearings in less than an hour with simple tools. So here’s the video.

I’m riding these bearings for 3 months now. And they do what they must do. Again the feel smooth and I have no issues with them. So we will see how these will hold during the winter.