This week there was less kilometres ridden than normal. On Monday I had a training ride planned on my MTB in Schoorl. I rode 4,5hours straight to train for my 12hour ride on 2 April this year (CycleforhopeNL).

And on Wednesday the weather was so bad I took the car once. Wrong choice, I hate taking the car to my work because of traffic. Reminder to myself ‘take the bike it’s more satisfying’

So this week it’s time for the Miche chain again. 150km done this week and only one rain shower. So I did not cleaned it this week. Just rubbed it with a cloth and it was fine. A little Pedro’s syn lube and good to go. Here are the measurements:


A bit strange because I measured 132.6 last time. But I think that was measured in a less good spot. This was the overall measurement I got on the chain.

Closing with some nice pictures I took yesterday riding home:

Untill next time

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