Autumn has really started know, with fallen coloured leaves covering the roads. A lovely sight which I enjoy. It didn’t rained as much the last few weeks, but since this week the rain started to come more and more. And with this combination the roads where getting dirty. So today the bike really was in need of some cleaning. After that it was time to check the chain, cassette and chainring.

The Chain

The chain used for these last 2 weeks was the KMC chain, as already mentioned it the last Blog. With the rain of these last few days, I did do a quick clean of the chain with a cloth. Then relubed the chain with the Pedro’s syn lube again. I like the way the formula from Pedro’s, which makes cleaning easy. As you can see in the pictures below, the 3 chains are almost equal in length. The KMC chain still measured 133.1mm, like last time.


Here are some pictures of the Chainring, cassette and the Quick link. The quick-link will need a replacement next time because this one starts to wear. This was not a fresh/new quick-link. So I will buy new ones and we will see how long these will last.

For the upcoming 2 weeks the Miche chain is on.

So here’s a quick recap:

  • Shimano = 3000km (Measures, 133.1mm)
  • KMC = 2850km (Measures, 133,1mm)
  • Miche = 2350km (Measures, 133,1mm)


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