Last Sunday I had a big crash at a trainings ride on the MTB. I went straight over the bars after hitting a tree with my handlebar. My first thought was I broke my collarbone again. But after a few days I could tell that was not the case. It was bruised badly and I had a broken rib.

Last Wednesday I started riding my bike again. That’s the reason I rode 150km this week. But we had lovely weather, with nice temperatures and some rain on Thursday. I cleaned the Shimano chain this time with the Pedro’s Chain Pig and some Pedro’s Bye Grease, removed the Cassette for a good clean up, and made some pictures of the main cogs I use. You can see some wear on the 12 and 13 T

Cogs 11, 12, 13 & 14

After measuring I conclude that there was no/minor wear this weak on the chain. Still around 132.6mm.

DSC_0449.JPG  DSC_0450.JPG

And since I had the cassette of the cassette body of my Mavic Crossmax wheel I took the opportunity to relube the springs under the body. Something the Pedro’s Syn Lube is very good for also.

Syn Lube for also good for Cassette Body maintenance

I will be closing with some nice pics I took this week.


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