Today I started cleaning the chain, cassette and chainring for the first time. After yesterdays ride in the rain I checked the lube on the chain and it was still good. So thumbs up for Pedro’s.

Since Pedro’s was so nice to give me:

And since pictures say more than words:

I first was a little bit skeptical about the Chain Pig because of using such cleaners in the past but it really works well. And the chain was clean afterwards so again thumbs up. I lubed the chain (every chain link) and it’s good to go.

Now the measuremants after 250km of riding. I measured the KMC chain before I mounted it at 132.2mm. Know it’s still 132.2mm.

The Chainring from Wolftooth componants looks good. After some windy days here in the Netherlands I can say that Oval chainrings work really well too.

Next week I will be changing the KMC to the Miche chain.

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