When there is one basic peace of cycling clothing everyone should have in its closet it’s a Windvest or Windjacket. These are most of the time lightweight and foldable. This is also the case with the Owayo Windvest/Windjacket. But then available in nice designs and custom text.


The fit is nice but a little too wide on both models for me. But then again I’m thin and 1.96cm long. So most of the clothing I buy is to short or to wide.  It’s made of windproof/waterproof fabric. From experience I can say, windproof (Yes), waterproof (No). But I have not ridden any Windvest/jacket that is waterproof. I think for a short rain you will stay dry. The fabric is very lightweight. The collar is very soft with now sharp seams or zippers pocking your neck. Again the vest/jacket uses the nice YKK zippers. A plus point is the little key/smartphone pocket on the right side. Very effective. I have ridden the closed version but it’s an option to get the Windvest with an open back. Another thing I had trouble with is that it slips up my back when ridding. But maybe that’s because of my long back.

Check the Owayo website for all the options on these nice clothes.

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