Lake Cycling shoes

Lake cycling shoes was born in 1982 in Evanston Illinois. The first shoe they made was the MXZ303, a true winter shoe created for the cold climate at Lake Michigan. Lake now has a full stock of shoes for every cycling discipline from Road, Cyclocross and MTB.


The MX180 was introduced in 2015 as there Enduro style shoe. It features a higher fit, more room in the toe area, Hypergrip Sole with the Ice Lock parts already integrated in the sole. The top part is made of Microfiber and is waterproof.  It includes a BOA Push/Pull closing system on the side.


I’ve been riding these shoes for 10 weeks now. The fit feels good, the higher style adds stability to the ankle. The “pull” lace on the back is very useful to put the shoes on. The single BOA lace system works great. It has a push/pull function, which let you loosen the lace quick to take the shoes of. So far I rode in hot dry days and in wet circumstances. For the Hot/warm days other shoes would better. But since I only have this pair to try this is what I wore, and they are not bad. The ventilation is good. I rain/wet conditions the shoe does what it’s made for. Keep your feet dry, just as good as a waterproof shoe cover. Of course your socks get wet after riding in the rain a long time. But that’s because of the rain pouring down via the sock itself. I will be testing waterproof socks this winter to in combination with these shoes to see how this combo will keep my feet dry.

The sole is though/stiff but not so stiff you could barely walk with them (like carbon soles). I had an  experience last week that, due to a flat tyre, I had to walk 45minutes to a local bike shop for an inner tube. And the shoes where good to walk the distance.

This autumn and winter I will be using these shoes and will come back with another review how the hold up in the wet/cold circumstances the Netherlands is famous for.