I had some really fun and nice MTB rides the last couple of weeks.

The conditions where really dry. The MTB track I usually ride is located in the dunes near the beach. And in the summer season there are 2 things that make the track bad. Dry and warm weather, and tourists (because they brake too much☺). These last past weeks the track was really sandy. Almost to the point when riding MTB on the track isn’t fun anymore. We need some rain.


The chain did well in the conditions, I had an email conversation with Pedro’s about the Syn-lube which was interesting.

My question was:

I noticed something when I was doing rides on my MTB. The formula Pedro’s is using (according to the website) is a synthetic oil that creates, when in contact with sand or dirt, a film between the chain and the dirt. So that it can’t get to the chain and also the chainring and cassette. But I noticed, and this can be logical, that after riding through lots of sandy trails that there is oil film left on the chain. So I think that this is caused by the sand which comes in contact with the oil and creates a black past which then is pressed to the outside of the chain onto the chainring and cassette. But this leaves the chain dry with no oil film on it and can create the chain to wear out faster. 

There reply was:

I think what you experience is partly what we engineered the product for. Our lubes contain a small amount of cleaners, purpose being the the lube shall clean the chain while riding and to make it easier to remove the dirty oil after a ride. It is a balance, the lube for wet dirty condition needs to be sticky to last but not impossible to remove with degreasers.  

For what we hear from keen followers of the syn lube – the balance is right the way the product is now. To reduce the dirt build up I recommend to wipe the outside of the chain when new lube is applied to reduce the amount of oil on the chain and thereby also reduce some of the dirt build up. 

The measurements:

The chain (2) measured ±132.2mm, and here’s the picture of the 3 chains on the measuring strip.

Top = 1, middle = 2, bottom = 3 (not been used, fresh chain as a reference)

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