This week it’s time for the Shimano chain. I measured it right out of the box and it measured between 132.3mm and 132.4mm. So we can say the KMC chain is the most tight measured chain I use. I don’t know if this can compare to all KMC chains but it sets a mark. I will be testing more chains in the future and defiantly will be checking this.

After 200km (I had one day of) the Shimano chain stretched 0.05mm. This is a theme I see happening when measuring after 200-250km on road/gravel kilometres. The chain was not really dirty and needed little cleaning. Again using the great products of Pedro’s. The Dura-ace cassette looks good and the Wolftooth Components chainring still bites my chain (in a good way).

This week it was a wet road week. Most of the time I was lucky with coming home dry. But there was lots of wind. Here some pictures of a ride from this week.

And here a quick picture that the Vaude Spray shorts do there job well.


Until next week.

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