Again a cold week this week. Started with lots of wind on Sunday and it got colder later in the week. Not much rain, and I was lucky to get dry home every day.

The KMC chain has reached the 500km mark again for the second time. It hold up very good. This week I didn’t relubed the chain or cleaned it. The Pedro’s Syn Lube is very good and long lasting. So I put on my Pedro’s Apron Long and started cleaning:

After the cleaning the chain/cassette/chainring I measured the chain. It was between 132.4mm and 132.5mm again so there is no actual wear this week. Cassette looks a littlle worn but the chain measurements show it’s oke. The chainring for Wolftooth Components loos good also.

This week I also made my tires tubeless, with the new Joe’s no flats ECO sealant. Great sealant that uses now latex or chemicals. And sealed up really good.


And I close this Blog with some random pictures from rides this week:

Untill next week.

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