Of all the seasons, Spring is my favourite one. Riding my bike and see nature waking up from its Winter sleep is so special. Of course this season asks for flexible clothing. Moring rides can be cold and late afternoon rides warm. Owayo supplied me with 2 great jerseys for this. Jerseys with a thin fabric, long sleeve or short sleeve. They have a very nice fit, not to tight but not too loose. As you can see in the picture Owayo is capable of doing very nice layout’s with various logo’s and text’s. It has the standard 3 pockets on the back. But unfortunately not the key/zipper pocket the winter jersey does have.

The Owayo pro cut jersey is provided with these handy terms,

  • The fabric is made of premium quality
  • The seams are specific designed for them on a special machine called the: ‘4 thread-overlock’ machine.
  • The zippers are of the best from YKK.
  • There is a silicone hem on the back which keeps the jersey in place.

It’s fully adjustable to your liking through the 3D configurator.

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