This week I have chosen to  use the Shimano chain longer and switch to the KMC chain on Thursday. This because I did not do so much kilometres on the Shimano chain last week. So know the Shimano chain is up to the same kilometres (used) as the KMC chain. After this week’s ride I measured the Shimano chain exactly the same as last Friday. As written I changed to the KMC chain on Thursday. I have not taken the opportunity to measure it yet because of the few kilometres on it.

This week was a complete dry week with the exception of Wednesday afternoon. That was a wet ride home. But the rest of all the rides where dry. I rode through our hilly dunes a couple of times. It’s so great to ride there.

Here are some pictures:


Next week I will get more in depth on the chainring, cassette and KMC chain.

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Till then.

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