It’s been more then 6 months that I now since I have started the chain/cassette/chainring wear-out test on my commuter bike. After I had some questions about, when I was going to start the same kind of test for the MTB, I decided to start another one as well.

The Chainring

I contacted Wolftooth Components if they could deliver me a Drop-Stop Elliptical chain ring. They where more then happy to cooperate again. I got a 38T because that’s the smallest chainring you can get in a 110BCD 5arm. The chainring, as usual, look great and look very pro on my THM carbones clavicula Crankset.

The Chain and Cassette

Since everyone in MTB land always grabs Shimano, KMC or Sram chains and cassettes I decided to take another brand. I got some very good results with Miche. So I contacted Verwimp and Nico’s Fietsplus (my local bike shop) and they where more then happy to supply me with 3 chains and a cassette. One of the big advantages of Miche is that you can customize your cassette. They have every cog between 11T and 29T in steps of 1.

I got these steps, 12-14-16-18-20-22-24-26-29. The chains are 10speed chains. I had some great experience with the 9speed chain on my commuter bikes so I’m very happy I can use these chains for this test.

The test

This test will be a little different. Of course I will cycle the 3 chains. But not after 500km, I will use my experience of my other test and cycle them between 100km and 200km depending on the wear-out. After every MTB ride I do (50km) I will clean the chain fully or give It just a quick rub, depending one the circumstances I rode in. For now Pedro’s will be used as cleaner and lube.

For this test I will also include a chart each time I Blog of the weather I rode in and if I rode in dry conditions or wet. And of course there will be pictures.

I really would like to thank my sponsors Wolftooth Components, Verwimp and Nico’s Fietsplus.

I will Blog about this topic every 2 weeks.