Rain pants in cycling are a difficult subject. Where rain jackets are very normal to wear, rain pants are not. Most of the time they are made of full rain jacket fabric which lacs of breathing and comfort during riding. So in order to make a good rain pants you have to really think it over and make choices in fabric, stretch and breathability.

Showers Pass is one company who really thought the concept of rain pants over. They created the Skyline pant that has only rainproof fabric in the most needed places. The rest of the pants has softshell fabric which is breathable and provides enough stretch so it’s comfortable. It’s not a tight fit, more a loose fit around the legs. It can be worn with a bibshort under it like I do. It does not provide enough room for you normal paints to be tugged in. The pants are not fully waterproof. After a while water will pour through the soft shell fabric.

The placement/design of the waterproof fabric also asks for a bike which has Fenders. But it’s located it the right places. On the front its around your crouch and the upper legs. And on the bottom legs it’s around the sides to keep out water coming from below. The transitions between the rain fabric and the softshell fabric are fully taped on the outside, really clever.

The knee area is made of softshell fabric for excellent movement. Also the back of the pant and the sides are made of soft shell fabric. It has a side pocket on the right, but I find the zipper to delicate. Around the waist you have a lace to pull it tight, and also the opportunity to wear 4-Point Suspenders.

Riding with it

I found the pant very comfortable to ride with. It took me some time to get used to it because I’m used to ride with tights. But after a while the feel natural. You also do not only have to wear them as rain pants. The work very well in winter/freezing conditions. As stated before, they are not fully rain proof. One draw bag is that with the loose fit you feel the water poring over your legs. That’s something you don’t have with tights. All in all great pants to ride with and keep you protected, with very clever solutions to make a rain pant stylish and comfortable.