There are 3 points where you are in contact with your bike. That’s your saddle, your pedals and your grips/handlebar. I have been using various sorts of grips in the past. From very light foam ones to bar tape and of course everything in between.

When I contacted Bikeribbon on their grips, they were happy to send me 2 of their silicon grips for long term testing. As I have two bike I regally ride I also asked for 2 different type of grips, to feel the difference.

Bikeribbon was also so nice to send me one of their new saddlebags to match my Orange grips. Super handy. Made of silicon.  And has lots of room for an inner tube, tool and some other stuff.


The grips I will be trying is the:

As with other silicon grips they can be a pain in the ass to get on your handlebars. I will write another Blog with some tips on getting them on your handlebar without too much effort.

In short they both feel very nice. I don’t often ride without gloves but these grips makes me tempted to do that more often. They feel great.

On my MTB I have the Extralite grip which not only are very light (50 grams) but also have a very soft grip through the hollow chambers in the grips. This also gives some dampening. But the diameter is held by using this method. The grip on the grips is outstanding. But that’s what you can expect of silicon grips.

On my commuter bike I have the more standard silicon grips, They have the same feel but are 20 grams heavier and feel a little less soft. Grip is the same as the extralite ones.

Orange highlight.JPG

Within a couple of weeks/months I will Blog on how the hold up.