One of my favourite pieces of clothing is on for review. The Owayo winter jersey. I really like this one, it fits like a glove and has a great colour to. But that is also fully adjustable to your liking through the 3D configurator.

The Owayo pro cut jersey is provided with these handy terms,

  • The fabric is made of premium quality
  • The seams are specific designed for them on a special machine called the ‘4 thread-overlock’ machine.
  • The zippers are of the best from YKK.
  • There is a silicone hem on the back which keeps the jersey in place.

Overall this jersey have a nice fit. The back pockets have plenty room for key’s (there is a special pocket for that), phone, tools etc.. With a base layer under it you can ride through spring and fall with a smile and warm chest. Top that with a wind vest or jacket for chilly mornings.

Next up is the winter bib tights

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