It has been a while since I posted a new Blog. That’s because my wife and daughter where/are sick. So I didn’t had much time to Blog and ride my bike. But yesterday I had a beautiful ride through the dunes here.

 But it’s “Friday chain change day” and the Miche chain is has been used 400km’s. Today It’s has been cleaned and lubed still by the great Pedro products.

Dirty chain/Chain pig/Clean chain

I than took apart the Dura ace cassette and cleaned it. Here are the pictures on how the cogs look like after 900km. And yes I skipped the top part of the cassette because I don’t use it.

The Wolftooth chainring looks good.


And then the measurements, after last week the chain has stretched another 0.05mm. So Miche is now at 132.6mm. The KMC was at 132.3mm.

I made these bags so I can write down how much kilometers I drove with the chains and also the measurements.

20160129_135303Until next Friday.

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