Birds are singing, the flowers pop out of the ground. Yes finally Spring is coming. I love it when this happens. You can just smell it. It’s so much nicer to ride your bike in the early mornings. The last 2 weeks been like this. Only one rain ride last week. Other than that it was completely dry. I had some problems with my bottom bracket. The bearings had gone bad. So new ceramic bearings for the USA are on its way.

The chains.

I started last week with the KMC chain, but after the very wet ride I changed to the Miche chain. The Miche chain still rides the smoothest. In wear it’s the same as the Shimano and KMC but there is something what this chain has that feels smoother.

The measurement.

The Miche chain only needed a quick rub with a cloth and no re-lubbing. It measured ±133.5mm so still the same as it’s last measurement. I will continue riding the Miche chain for another 500km.

Miche (Top), KMC(Middle), Shimano(bottom)

So here’s a the recap:

Shimano = 3750km (Measures, ±133.5mm)

KMC = 3800km (Measures, ±133,4mm)

Miche = 3250km (Measures, ±133,5mm)

Cassette & Chainring = 10950km

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