When you check the radar this week most of the time you got this.


Rain, lots of rain. Luckily I live at the coast of the Netherlands. Most of the rain felt more midland. I had rain on Monday and Tuesday morning. The rest of the rides where “dry”. The roads, most of the time, where wet and dirty. So I needed to relube the chain 1 time this week after the rain showers. And of coarse a good clean-up after this week.

The Measurements.

After this week of riding I measured ±132.9mm. That’s 0.1mm of wear since last week which is more than I often see. So the rain and dirty roads has its influence.


I have been fine tuning my Magura HS33 brakes the last weeks. I will write a full Blog on this topic but here’s a small teaser:

Closing again with some pictures:


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