The days are behind us when we used inner-tubes. Almost every mountainbiker uses the Tubeless method. It’s light, efficient and seals almost every puncture. Almost that is, most tubeless sealants seal holes up to 3mm some even larger holes. But what do you do when you have a bigger hole than your sealant can seal. Taking a spare inner-tube was the only way to go until there where plugs. These come from the car industry and do the job well. But the where also not perfect. There are a couple of products on the market today specifically for the bicycle industry.


Dynaplug is a company from the USA, they already made mobile tubeless solutions for cars and trucks. But the broaden there view and came to the mountainbike scene. And with great success. The have developed a tool which is small, light and seals every hole up to 6mm.


The Dynaplug Micro Pro Kit includes:

  • 2 insertion tubes
  • 5 tubeless tire repair plugs
  • 1 Knife
  • 1 clearing attachment
  • 1 pipe cleaner.


The 5 plugs made with a brass point (round bullets are also available), this helps the plug to enter the hole in the tyre even better. They can be used on the tread of the tyre but also on the sides.


The tool is really simple in use as illustrated here:


And for a better explanation, take look at this video which show exactly how easy the tool works.

The tool (in Europe) can be purchased here.Very good service.

And still Dynaplug is developing. They just released this prototype video of a Plug tool with a Co2 cartridge on top, so you can plug inflate and ride.

Happy trail riding.