Again two weeks passed by, and it’s time to do a Blog about the subject. As the last few weeks where mostly dry, I was curious how these circumstances affected the chain this time.

The roads, I mainly ride on, are still dirty and full of leaves. We had some days of frost, and this always causes our local congregation to strew salt on the road to prevent glazed frost. This salt is really bad for both bike and chain. But this is better than falling with my bike.

The measurements: 

So after cleaning today I put the chain on the “strip” and long and behold, the Shimano chain didn’t wearout that much. You can clearly see the difference with the Miche chain. Do this is not because the Miche chain is bad but it was ridden in very bad and wet conditions for about the 2 week prior to these.


So here’s a the recap:

Shimano = 3250km (Measures, ±133.1mm)

KMC = 2850km (Measures, 133,1mm)

Miche = 2850km (Measures, 133,5mm)

Cassette & Chainring = 9100km


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