Last month I started talking to the guys from Owayo custom clothing. After some emails the asked if I could test their clothing for a period of 2 months. So after giving them my sizes, this was delivered after 2 days.


Owayo is a custom sports clothing company which makes and designs al of their clothing. It’s made in Germany. In case of cycling clothing they have all the things a cyclist needs.:

  • Jerseys (pro cut men/women and sport cut)
  • Soft shells
  • Wind jackets
  • Wind vests
  • Bib tights short
  • Bib tights long (winter)
  • Leg warmers
  • Knee warmers
  • Arm warmers
  • Caps
  • Bandana’s
  • Overshoes

And these can all be custom printed by a configurator, in different designs. So In the next couple of weeks I will regularly write a Blog about my experiences with the clothing.

First impressions are good, Yesterday was a cold day so I wore the Long bib tights together with the softshell. was nice and warm but not to warm. Today the temperature was around zero degrees so no softshell. I whore the short bib tights with the leg warmers, a truly great combination. Really like the fit and the legwarmers don’t slide of my legs. And to sum it up the Wind jacket. Also a good fit and does what it’s supposed to do (block wind).

Here some quick selfies of the clothing: