Finally summer started. The temperatures where still not high but at least the sun was shining. The only time I had some rain was on Tuesday morning. But I was more wet from the roads than of the rain, because of heavy rainfall over night.

I did a ride on Wednesday from Den Haag, where my work is, to Leiden along to the river “de Vliet”, which was nice to do. And two rides through the dunes, which is such a nice place to ride/relax after work.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning Dry Rain Dry Dry Dry
Afternoon Dry Dry Dry Dry Dry

The measurements

The Shimano chain was used for this week, and was measured ±132.8mm. This falls in line with the other chains used. After I have ridden 5550km with the cassette/chainring the wear out is looking good. The chains are almost equal in wear out.


I got some questions, when I will be doing the same test but then for the MTB. So I decided to start that test as well. I have ordered a new Wolftooth Components elliptical chainring, and Verwimp will be supplying the Miche chains and cassette. And Pedro’s will be used as lubrication and cleaner.

The plan for the MTB Chain/Cassette/Chainring will be different than this one. I think the chains will be cycled around 100/200km depending on the weather and circumstances. Most of the time I ride my MTB once a week for ±50km.

I will be Blogging the same way as with this test, but in cycles of 2 weeks. And I will only be using Miche chains this time. They are great chains, light weight and strong.

As usual I close with some nice pictures taken this week.

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