After the new year started I haven’t got much time to ride my MTB. The winter season is always a time for me with less MTB hours, due to the short days (sunlight). I did however rode a very nice new MTB trail here in the east of The Netherlands. And I did some commutes with my MTB just for fun.


But its spring time and the days are getting longer so this gives me the opportunity to ride my MTB more again. Last Sunday night I could ride my home trails again. It was great to be back there, I have seen lots of deer and rabbits. It’s so nice to enjoy nature on the MTB.

The chain.

I have ridden some commutes on chain 3, and did the last MTB rides on chain 1. The conditions on the trails (ridden with chain 1) where not bad, some muddy/wet sections. Tried to clean the drivetrain after every ride. But on the image below you can clearly see chain 1 has had a hard time.

Chain 1 (top), Chain 2 (middle), Chain 3 (bottom)

I’m also giving this new lube a try. It’s from Boca Bearings. Let’s see if it works for MTB riding.


The chainring.

The Wolftooth chainring did very well. I did however dropped my chain twice on a difficult descent. The wear on the chainring is normal for the miles ridden with it.


The cassette.

The cassette is doing good also, shifting is still smooth. You can clearly see my third cog from bottom is used the most.

Because the cassette is chromed dirt does not attach to it as much. My commuter bike with the Dura-ace cassette attracts a lot more dirt.



Chain 1 = ±500km (±132.8mm)

Chain 2 = ±380km (±132.6mm)

Chain 3 = ±680km (±132.6mm)

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