Did I mentioned last week that the summer has finally started? O yes I did, and this week it was HOT. Temperatures between 25 and 33 degrees. It was very nice to ride the bike in the early mornings, which I enjoy the most.

I did some changes on the bike to, I had a really annoying cracking sound when pedaling hard. So in my quest to solve that I tried a new crankset with new bearings. Because my other MTB is getting an upgrade (thm carbones clavicula) I mounted my sram truvativ stylo crankset with Dura ace bearings on my commuter bike. And the crack was gone. Very happy about that. Seemed that the bottom bracket of my other crankset was worn.

Sram truvativ stylo Crankset with Dura ace bottom bracket and Wolftooth Components stickers

I will be on holiday for the upcoming 2 weeks. So there will be now commuting.

The measurements:

This was the last week for the Shimano chain, after my holiday the KMC will be used. The Shimano chain measured where between 132.85mm and 132.9mm. This is again expected in these dry conditions. So just a quick rub with a cloth and some new lube from Pedro’s and we where good to go.

Here are some closeup pictures of the Wolftooth Components chainring, and the Dura ace cassette.

Closing with some random pictures

See you in 3 weeks.

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