Silicon grips can be a pain to mount on your handlebar. But there is an easy way with stuff you most likely have laying around in your house.


You only need two parts:

  1. Bucket of hot water.
  2. Window cleaner

First put the grips in the in the bucket of hot water for about 15 minutes. This helps the silicon grips to be more flexible when applying to the handlebar. After that spray your handlebar in with the window cleaner, and also your grips (inside).


Now in order to not damage the inside of your grip (which happened to me), already put the end-plugs in your handlebar. Now worries your grips will go over them smooth.

No gently apply your grips on the handlebar. Use a towel to have some grip when applying. After it’s in place let it rest for a couple of hours and you grip will be fixed.